Alternative Dispute Resolutions

The Lawyers at E.Flourentzou & Co LLC offer clients an alternative to litigation. They are trained to resolve disputes by negotiating and settling cases before court proceedings, they also assist clients in reaching mediated settlements, to avoid the expenses, stress and uncertainty of litigation. The Lawyers aim to minimise conflict, but to provide legal action when necessary.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and particularly mediation is vital to every case and is considered for the benefit of each client, by minimising each client’s exposure to contentious risk. Our Lawyers have the capability and expertise in advising clients in complex multi party actions and reaching settlements in favour of our clients.

ADR provides our clients with the possibility to settle their dispute on terms that are mutually agreeable, providing our clients with the opportunity to maintain the future relationship between them and the other party (whether it is a business relationship or not).

The Lawyers at E.Flourentzou & Co LLC advise clients on the method of ADR that should be used and when. Any agreements that are reached through ADR are accurately recorded and legally enforceable.