Family Law

Our Lawyers have a real strength in all areas of family law and pride themselves in regularly undertaking the most complex cases. They have the ability of negotiating and settling cases before court proceedings by assisting clients in reaching mediated settlements, to avoid the expenses, stress and uncertainty of litigation. The Lawyers also have extensive experience appearing before all courts.

Family Law matters are highly confidential and our Lawyers assure privacy. It is also understood that Family Law issues can be very stressful for clients; we aim to give support and guidance by being friendly and approachable however simultaneously offering the highest level of advice as well as representation.

In child law cases, the Lawyers regularly represent parents, children, relatives, step parents, guardians as well as prospective adopters. It is an area of law that requires a high level of skill especially where oral evidence from children or from people with learning difficulties is necessary; the Lawyers facilitate the examination of such individuals in a sensitive manner.

Furthermore after the increase of international movement of people and in the last years after Cyprus joined the European Union (EU) and the free movement of EU citizens within the EU, there is an increase upon the number of international relationships and families arising from them. Consequently where family breakdowns occur, problems arise such as international parental child abduction or overseas divorce. These cases can be very complex and need urgent action to be taken, especially when there is a need to locate a child and ensure they are reunited with their parent. Further disputes between parents also involve applications for residence in respect of children, contact, and alimony as well as specific issues surrounding medical treatment where there is a disagreement between parents.

Additionally our Lawyers have expertise in divorce proceedings as well as family finance matters and represent both clients of modest means to those with substantial wealth. Moreover in the last years many cases involving harassment or domestic violence have become more common. Our Lawyers understand the very difficult circumstances our clients are experiencing and support our clients during this time. Advice is given about making an application to court for protection. Our team aims to minimise conflict and where necessary take legal action.