Company Formation Procedure

1. In order to commence the procedure of forming a Company, the client must send us a copy of his or her passport and contact details.

2. The name of the Company is sent to The Registrar of Companies for approval.

3. After the name is approved, our highly skilled Lawyers prepare the Articles of Association and Memorandum; the forms to register a company are also completed. At this stage the Director/s, Secretary, Shareholders, Share Capital and Registered Office of the company are determined. It is irrelevant whether the Director/s and/ or Secretary are European Union Citizens. If our client does not reside in Cyprus, advice is given to them to appoint a nominee Director and/or Secretary to avoid any delays. It is also advised to appoint physical or corporate nominee shareholders that hold the shares under a Trust Deed on the client’s behalf. The Articles of Association and Memorandum are signed by the Shareholders and the forms by the Director or Secretary. We also assist our client on the Registered Office Address as it must be in Cyprus.

4. A payment is paid to The Registrar of Companies and the aforementioned documents are filed for registration.

5. After the Company is registered, our Lawyers assist clients in setting up bank accounts in Cyprus as well as abroad. A bank reference letter or professional reference letter is needed by our client for this.

6. The employees at our firm also advice and refer our clients to Accountants that they work in association with, in order to assure our client’s needs are fulfilled.