Cyprus Companies

Cyprus has an advanced high income economy and is at the centre of international business; many multinational companies as well as international banking units operate from the Island. E. Flourentzou & Co LLC specialises in international work and simultaneously assists native and foreign investors in all aspects of Cyprus Company formation and day to day administration. The firm drafts Contracts and provides Corporate and regulatory services, as well as Corporate Secretarial support services. The highly qualified and skilled workforce at our firm offers professional support to our clients, which is vital for any business to succeed.

Despite the fact that the tax system of the Republic of Cyprus has been transformed to conform to the EU Acquis Communautaire, Cyprus has preserved its charisma and improved its competiveness as an international business centre and a suitable jurisdiction for holding Companies.

A non-resident of the Republic of Cyprus can benefit from an immense amount of tax advantages when setting up a holding company in Cyprus. Cyprus is an ideal location to set up a Company, due to its very low tax rate as well as the fact that dividends can run through Cyprus Companies almost tax free. Tax rates are vital for investors, as they would like to raise their profit and the simplest way to achieve this is by setting up a Company in a low tax Jurisdiction like Cyprus.

Cyprus has drawn up Double Taxation Treaties with over 50 Countries, guarantying that income is not taxed in more than one country. It has a favourable tax system with the lowest European Union Corporate tax rate of 10%. If a Company is a resident of Cyprus, which means that it is managed and controlled in Cyprus, then it can be taxed on its global income which has been accumulated from resources both within Cyprus and outside at the Corporate tax rate of 10%.